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The Gnomes Are Coming!

by Kimberly A. Cook

Obviously I’ve been much busier than I realized the last three months, because I missed the new “Sherlock Gnomes” trailer! Saw it on tv last night and had to share. We got another snow event warning late Thursday, so what better way to look forward to Spring than the return of the gnomes!

My Gnomeo and Juliet are safe in the garage this winter, along with the rest of the gnomes and critters. Some need makeovers for this summer. But I am so excited to have a new Gnomes movie. Unleash the popcorn March 23rd!

Have a great weekend and Happy Quirky Friday!


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Got Fun Snow Pics?

by Kimberly A. Cook                            (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

For the three people in the lower 48 states who don’t have snow at the moment, I wanted to send along some photos to get you in the holiday mood. For the rest of us who’ve about had it with the ice/sleet/freezing rain/snow debacles, maybe these will give you a smile.


This little hedgehog guy was a gift from a friend and graces one of the impatien pots in the backyard. Thought I’d rounded all the critters up and put them in the garage, but I missed this cutie. He appeared out of the melting snow. Got to love that smile!


Always on the job, farmer bunny is still hard at work trying to remove snow when he’s not pushing around posies during the summer. He’s got quite a good crop of snow in this picture. Bun also insists on wearing his overalls without a coat, even in this cold weather. Iron Bun!


Ever alert, the gnome guard at the Fairy Rock Garden stayed at his post and kept up surveillance during the storms. He must have gotten wind of the mouse family who invaded the garage and isn’t taking any chances. Even though the fairies have not yet moved into these cottages, they are still under construction, he is on the job keeping their future homes safe.


Of course the only things left behind by these invaders were their tiny footsteps. Or claw prints to be exact. They all seemed to be right around the pile of bird feed put out before the storms started. Not sure I can get an ID on these perps, but bet they have feathers.


This little guy doesn’t have any snow on his feet, but I bet he’s the lookout for the bigger gang. He found time to bask in the short sun spot, like I’ve done when it shows up.

If you’re up to your keister in snow and sick of it, try taking some fun snow pics or at least coming up with new swear words. I tried both yesterday while I was scraping ice off the front sidewalk. The ice won!

Wishing you all happy holidays, warm homes, holiday cookies, eggnog and may all your tv and tech devices stay on!



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Are You Having Garden Daydreams?

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

This past weekend I got caught in a rain storm, a thunder and lightning storm, sunshine and hail; all in the same two hours. Welcome to Oregon in the Spring! Between March Madness on the tv and political crazies everywhere, it seems the safest bet for mental health these days is to plan my garden.


Found these gents hanging around in the garden center a few years ago. Okay, I had to draw the line somewhere with these three-foot tall dudes, so I took their picture. But they were on sale….. Back away from the gnomes!


I’m thinking about buying a very big blue pot to move either the fairy rose or the boxwood into. A focal piece. Then surround it with inspired fairies, gnomes and gorgeous rose quartz rocks I picked up at the Richardson’s Rock Ranch last Fall.

Downsizing the yard work and upping the fun factor is my mantra this year. Since I have clay soil the consistency of concrete, I keep everything in pots. From herbs to roses to strawberries and ferns, pots r us.

The Burpee seed catalog arrived before my tax packet from the accountant in early January. Now that the taxes are out of the house, I can focus on what plants to buy and how to rearrange all the pots. Thinking more color this year. The pots I mean, the flowers are always colorful.

So since we had more hail storms yesterday and 22 inches of snow on the mountain in the last two days, of course it’s supposed to be sunny and 65 degrees on Friday. Welcome to Spring!

Support a bunny, plant lettuce. Got garden plans?


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What Do Plastic File Cabinets, A Cement Rabbit And An Electric Chain Saw Have In Common?

by Kimberly A. Cook          (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

Those are the items I used to cut up the old cedar fence boards in my garage. Having a creative mind really helps when some of my home improvement projects go sideways. Besides using orange extension cords and yellow Caution tape when the fence blew down, I reckoned the leftover cedar boards were perfect for my fireplace. Just not in six-foot lengths.

Bunny working very hard on the job. Bun power!

Bunny working very hard on the job. Bun power!

Those who are keeping track remember the Skill Saw debacle, it worked but was too heavy for my right hand and lower back. In the interest of hoping to be able to use my right hand again, the fabulous recommendations of an electric chain saw from friends on this blog seemed the ticket.

Saturday afternoon I set out to take a shot at getting at least half of the boards cut up. Already had the shiny new Black and Decker electric chain saw. Read the manual. Poured in the bar and chain oil. Geared up with ear plugs, face protector and gloves. Then realized I had a problem. The chain saw requires two hands. Whose going to hold the boards?

Where are the minions when you really need them? Figured I could use the leftover plastic file cabinets stored in the garage to put the boards on and cut between them. Didn’t really work; boards moved and so did the file cabinets. Spotted the wood barrel from my Dad’s shop. Turned it over. Not the best working height, but it was stable. Next I needed something heavy to hold each board.

Bunny! Of my many yard art finds, I have a fabulous cement rabbit heavier than sin who made the perfect bunny wood weight. Bunny did his job, I fired up the new Black and Decker and soon there was cedar sawdust everywhere. I got so inspired I cut up all the wood.

Fours hours later with concerns I might not be able to walk or use my fingers on Sunday, I tidied up the garage, including saving the cedar sawdust. My friend Joann, pyromaniac that she is, uses leftover candles and sawdust to make fireplace starters. Nothing goes to waste! Got all the wood neatly stacked, put bunny back out on the patio and I was done for the day.

Somehow the wood pile looks a lot less impressive when it’s all cut up and stacked. But I’m ready for winter. Right in the middle of summer. Every girl needs her very own electric chain saw. And a cement rabbit!


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Back On The Patio Again…..

by Kimberly A. Cook            (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

My to do list for this past long weekend was quite optimistic. However, I did accomplish about half of the things so that is a big win in my book. One of the most important items was releasing the yard gnomes from the garage.

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He's such a flirt!

Gnomeo is pretty darn happy Juliet managed to get herself together and return to the yard. He’s such a flirt!

The poor buggers have been locked up ever since the fence went down in the big blow in early February. Through no fault of their own they had to be rounded up and secured in the garage for their own safety.

While the construction schedule and then actual fence replacing got under way, it was three long months of incarceration. I missed the little tykes.

So with the fence recently completed, this weekend was the big event. This included getting all the gnomes and yard buddies scrubbed up and getting Juliet put back together. Thanks to the miracle of Gorilla Glue, I was able to keep her from falling apart and get her two halves reacquainted. Much to Gnomeo’s delight as you can see in the picture.

Then yesterday there was a release party complete with chips, burgers and strawberry shortcake with a select invited crowd and the celebration began. Capping off the big event included the introduction of a new member to the family, Book Gnome. Life is good. We even got a few peeks of sunlight during the afternoon festivities.

Now it’s time to move on to the next items on the to do list; cutting fence planks and tech issues. Think I’d rather go play with the gnomes……


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Time To Hide The Gnomes And Trim The Roses

by Kimberly A. Cook             (Twitter@ WarriorTales)

Last week was a bit nuts. Came home on Feb. 9th during the Pineapple Express rainstorm at 8 p.m. and found the gusting winds had flattened part of my backyard fence. Oh joy. So while I was out making macrame out of my orange extension cords and using my black and yellow caution tape to secure the kinda upright fence sections from killing someone, it occurred to me that might be an odd thing – that I didn’t have r0pe, but I had Caution tape.

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. What's up with that?

Gnomes, rabbits and frogs sequestered at an undisclosed location. Gnomeo seems too happy Juliet is gone. Suspicious?

One never knows what supplies are about with a writer in the house. After an hour out in the “Dark and Stormy Night” as Snoopy would write, I came inside, peeled off wet clothes, gave Spec Ops Cat thirty minutes of lap time and hit the sack.

Later in the week on Friday the 13th our Governor resigned, on Saturday we all celebrated Valentine’s Day, Oregon’s 156th and my Mom’s birthday, plus tore apart the damaged fence with help from big elves. A fun time was had by all, assisted by the fact there were not one, but two birthday cakes to eat.

I think cake fixes everything. Except fences, but you don’t care when you have chocolate cake.

Because part of my yard was unsecured, I had to round-up the gnomes, bunnies, flamingoes, turtles, polar bear and frogs. I’ve been the victim of a gnome kidnapping before and the trauma still haunts me. During the big gnome relocation I realized I’ve got a herd of yard art.

Then I got really paranoid and moved the lawn swing inside for safe keeping too. There was one casualty. When I reached to get the mega-hammer from the tool box to break apart the fence with my elf helpers, I hit Gnomeo with my foot and he hit Juliet who fell over and broke in two. Rats!

Now she has to go to the hospital to get fixed. I’m thinking Gorilla Glue and red Duct Tape. We shall see. So what did I do until I can get Juliet to the hospital? I went ahead and trimmed the roses, which is what we do here in Portland Rose Festival land on President’s Day.

Regardless of politics, rain storms, damaged yard art and flat fences, it’s time to trim the roses! But everything is fine here because there are leftover chocolate birthday cupcakes. Life is good!


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